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The governor of Gagauzia Mihai lFormuzal met with the participants and coordinators of Leader SHE project

On Saturday, March 16th the governor of Gagauzia - MihaillFormuzal - met with the participants and coordinators of the LeaderSHE project – The Academy of Young Leaders. During the meeting, the head of the autonomy told the participants of the project about the development of Gagauzia region, its...
General Department of Agro-Industrial Complex is prepared to provide information on licensed organizations

For the attention of the managers of agricultural enterprises!In order to support agricultural producers of Gagauzia in realization of the projects subsidized by the National (Republican) Fund in 2013, the General Department of Agriculture, Environment and Forestry is ready to provide information...
Bureau of Interethnic Relations of Republic of Moldova expressed gratitude to Governor of Gagauzia

Bureau of InterethnicRelations of Republic of Moldova sent a letter in address of Governor ofGagauzia Mihail Formuzal. They thanked for organization of Slavonic writing dayin Gagauzia and harmonization of interethnic relations in Republic of Moldova.In letterwas remarked: “Bureau of Interethnic...
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